25th Anniversary of Renaissance City Choirs

A quick FYI … the Post-Gazette ran a nice piece on the RCC 25th Anniversary concert this weekend (Friday and Saturday).

And once again I must say to those who say we don't get good press, read this …

Perfectly captures the essence of what amounts to a daily debate in the LGBT community, particularly the political/activist community.  🙂

One thing I like about Pittsburgh is the name …. it is not the gay and lesbian chorus that purports to be inclusive, the name is inclusive.  For more information about the history of LGBT chorus, click here.

RCC is a Pittsburgh institution and one of the few things that I hear about on a consistent basis — you can't turn around without someone asking if you are going to the next concert.  It is pretty cool, actually.  The power of music to build community.

The article is a lovely read.  Check it out and take note. (Get it?)