Daylin Leach Blogs!

We may be ushering in a new era of political, er, politician blogging.  Daylin Leach unveils his blog

I am doing this because like most bloggers I think I have something to say. I'm doing it because sometimes when I hear the people who are paid millions of dollars to argue my side of an issue I spend the whole time cringing and screaming at the television (I react the same way to Celine Dion). I am doing this because I feel my experience and position give me a unique perspective that might be valuable to someone, somewhere. And I am doing this because I want to hear from you and hopefully learn something. So I hope you like the blogs to come. I hope we build a lasting relationship based on the exchange of ideas. And I invite you to tell me what's on your mind. You can be sure I will let you know what's on mine.

Now I've shared with you that the Senator's tweets have won me over, so I can't imagine what impact the blog will have.  I like smart progressive people, especially with a sense of humor. 

So let's welcome Senator Leach to the Burghosphere and look forward to his post-Primary support for Joe Hoeffel.  Then all will be right with the world.  Or left with the world.