A few things of interest

The Post-Gazette sums up Sunday's Gubernatorial Debate with nothing particularly earthshattering with regard to LGBT political news. This was during the 14th Ward Independent Democratic Political Club debate, considered one of the most significant progressive endorsements in the region.

I really wish a moderator would ask about the disconnect between supporting civil unions and the lack of domestic partner benefits on the County level. 

The PG has some modest hope of action on repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Don't hold your breath.

The National Prayer Breakfast is upon us.  Did you know Congress sponsors a private Christian prayer breakfast?  Did you know they've invited the authors of the Ugandan Kill Gays bill to attend?

A Monroeville Lutheran church did not jump ship over LGBT ordination. I know a gay couple that attends this church and I hope they take some hope that their family interactions changes hearts.