SisterShout: Endings

Laura and I have decided to part ways with SisterShout.  It has been a positive learning experience to partner with OUT and Gay Life TV on this lesbian videocast project. Their commitment to reach out to the lesbian community and invest their resources in a show like SisterShout is commendable. Participating in the launch of this piece of Pittsburgh herstory has been a pleasure. 

We wish them the best with the future of SisterShout and their other multimedia projects. 

Thanks to everyone who watched the show, came on as a guest and gave us encouragement.  Social media is an exciting frontier for the LGBT community and we are so pleased to continue our exploration through everything from this blog to whatever lies ahead. 

We are closing in on our four year anniversary at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents.  We owe a lot to the people who have helped us along the way.  From John McIntire who invited us onto his radio show to the myriad of folks who have sat down to interviews over the years, it has been a great experience. 

We are looking forward to continuing with this blog and new opportunities.  Stay tuned …