I did not sleep well yesterday so my critical analysis skills are limited.  For some reason, Wanda Sykes was my mail carrier and I had to fire her.  She did not take it well. 

Caught this little gem in the Somerset newspaper –

Does anyone know that Hitler and Stalin were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize also? Our great president is right up their with them. I am sorry but I did not and would not serve in the military with openly outed cross dressers, homosexuals, transgender, meaning a male with a mutilated penis, and or bisexuals. That is my opinion and also that of hundreds of other soldiers I served with. Maybe in today’s feel good, pansy society we live in it is OK but not to the generation of men that I was raised in.

Jeffrey Podsobinski


Feel good, pansy society.  You can sort of hum that to “Monday, Monday” if you try.  

The Trib covers the attempt to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.   

The homos are at it again.

The Post-Gazette endorsed Ravenstahl.  Yeah, this is a link to the City Paper.  Read on.  Bram has feedback here.  I watched the debate and took a few notes. Why can't KDKA let the female anchors participate in these debates?  Ken Rice is everywhere. 

The Steeler Nation is rolling into the Northside. Why can't we find a way to tax them to pay for our two libraries? Sigh.