LGBT Legislative Updates

Two quick items we mentioned last night on Sister ShOUT that are worth your attention.

First, legislation introduced in the Senate to amend the Constitution of Pennsylvania so as to define marriage as only between a man and a woman, the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment, has some legs.  It is still in committee, but word is that it just might be voted out and to the floor of the Senate.  So not good.  What a ridiculous waste of time and energy when we don't have a state budget.  If you have a moment to call your State Senator, you might want to point out that getting married is not a high priority when many of us worry about our jobs, our services and our community due to their inability to get the budget passed.

Second, the Reading City Council ended September with great news by passing an inclusive anti-discrimination ordinance. Reading is now the 16th municipality to provide these protections for citizens.  Congratulations, Readingers!