Sister ShOUT! Episode 2 Links, Notes and More

The podcast for Episode 2 is up for your viewing pleasure at

This episode highlighted the history of the LGBTQ community in television history.  Our guest was Fran Monaghan, blogmistress of Ms. Adventures on the Mon and TV News Critic for the Pittsburgh City Paper.  We had a blast going down memory lane. We used a timeline from that you might like to peruse.

A few of the shows we discussed:

Female impersonator Beverly LaSalle from All in the Family (the YouTube video has been disabled so follow the link).

Jodie on Soap was a blast from the past.  In this clip, his mother can't bring herself to say homosexual.



First ever gay male kiss on network television from Will & Grace


The first ever gay male kiss on daytime television.



The first lesbian wedding in daytime

AND … Ellen's coming out episode … The Puppy Episode …


We also touched on the latest release from the Indigo Girls and urged everyone to follow Autumn Sandeen on Twitter.


Join us next week when we share all the juicy details on the Mayor's LGBT Advisory Committtee AND test Independent Mayoral Candidate Kevin Acklin's Lesbian IQ.