Sneak peak

All is not as it seems with the City's Domestic Registry.  Stay tuned.

Congrats to the victors in the election.  I look forward to seeing Daniel Lavelle and Theresa Smith at Pridefest. I'm sure Natalia will be there.

Marriage amendment is drawing some of the old “Alabama in the middle” analysis of Pennsylvania.  Of the 14 municipalities with anti-discrimination ordinances, only two are in Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh is the only one in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Methinks that analogy has been put out to pasture when it comes to the social conservatism flourishing in this region.

Others are positing Pennsylvania as a critical battleground for the advancement of equality.  The forward momentum of HB 300 is garnering national attention. 

Stay tuned.

I've been asked to speak at the Dyke March this year along with La 'Tasha Mayes from New Voices Pittsburgh.  I'm very flattered.  You may not always agree with what I have to say (or even often agree) but I hope you'll agree that it is important to have LGBTQ women's voices in cyberspace.  I'd love to see more queer women getting into the fray.