Pittsburgh’s newest LGBTQ media


Pittsburgh has a new high-end glossy media resource, CUE Pittsburgh.  This is the third edition.  I didn't write sooner because I was mistakenly informed it has gone under, but surprisingly that is not the truth.  I say surprisingly because launching a new magazine in this economy seems risky, but what do I now?  It is nice to read something that is not filled with bar ads and porno reviews. 

One local gay owned business informed me that they had repeatedly tried to be listed in the OUT business guide to no avail, even after advertising.  So they are happily committed to all future issue of CUE Pittsburgh. 

If Pittsburgh can support another LGBT oriented media source, good for us.  The content is a little male centric, but I have to admit that I was asked to contribute some lesbian material and I declined so I cannot be too critical. 

I'm trying to find out where it is available.  A Pleasant Present of course.