k.d. lang is in town

…and the Post-Gazette goes with the oh-so-obvious headline.

k.d. lang has constant craving for truthfulness


Along with having one of the most lovely voices in popular music, lang's is also an outspoken one. She's come out against eating meat, and has taken stances on Tibetan and gay/lesbian rights.

“My political stances really stem from my natural lifestyle choices,” she says. “It's not that I've gone out and looked for causes. They sort of came in style and I became a spokesperson for them. I don't really consider myself a political person. I consider myself someone who gravitates toward an alternative lifestyle, and they've become political topics.”

While they may have turned off some fans and turned on others, what's important to lang is that she's honest with her audience.

“I think what it does in the long run, I think people know that they're getting the truth from me,” she says. “In terms of longevity, people know where I'm coming from, and that in a way is more valuable to me.”