Post-Gazette reports Rock the Dome Rally

The Post-Gazette has the story on today's Rock the Dome Rally in Harrisburg, organized in support of HB 300 which would extend protections based on sexual orientation and gender expression and identity. 

People shouted, “End discrimination now.” A little girl held a sign, “My 2 Mommies Deserve Equal Rights.”' A man held a sign, “Would Jesus Discriminate?”

Rep. Ron Waters, D-Philadelphia, chairman of the legislative black caucus, said, “We will fight for all God's people.”

The rally turned out several hundred participants.  Unfortunately, this “breaking news” article did not include a reference to the Allegheny County ordinance.  Hopefully, that will be corrected tomorrow so folks have proper context. 

I hope we can attract some comments from rally participants to get first-hand accounts from the action. 

  • It was great…alot of great speakers at the Rally in the Rotunda!
    Glad I made the Trip!

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