Allegheny County Council: Excertopia

Kishore Jayakumar

High school student.


Talks about how hard it is to be out in high school.

Says is issue for mental health of county's youth.

Like milk speech in real life. But not in Altoona.

Really courageous kid! Big applause.

<Ledcat has been saying for weeks that bringing in student speakers would be powerful.  Did this kid come all the way from Altoona to speak?  Impressive.>

Gary Van Horn

With Delta Foundation. In support!

Says not in support are for use of word fag to describe glbt.

Makes econ argument.

References stonewall.

<I'm glad someone is referencing Stonewall in relation to something political instead of about defending a bathhouse.>

Here's a shot of the stickers the Delta Foundation created to help allies identify themselves in the meeting.  Big help.