How did the Jonas brothers get from NY on CBS at 8 to LA on NBC at 8:30?

My new job began in earnest this week, leaving me little time to post.  Ledcat and I are readying ourselves for the big LGBT Bloggers and Citizen Journalists Initiative weekend in D.C.  I packed up the woofers' bags for band camp and we are almost ready to go.  I'm excited/anxious.  I wish I had business cards.  But all of that energy is bookmarked by a work holiday breakfast the day we leave and a leadership meeting first thing Monday morning.  So I should be on quite the manic roll by Monday evening.  Except for that free massage I'll be receiving.  A ha!

I hope the conference gives me some perspective on how to improve my blogging.  Or at least some decent cable television and good meals.  šŸ™‚