The Gay Bar Crawls: I didn’t go but here is what I think

Philadelphia's gay bars were visited by Chelsea Clinton and Ed Rendell last night.  Pittsburgh's gay bars got actors from Queer as Folk. 

Philadelphia's bar crawl was covered by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  I haven't seen anything about Pittsburgh's bar crawl.  Did it even register?

Is there any PA politician that could make a believable bar crawl for Hillary here in Pittsburgh?  Dan Frankel?  Sophie?  Luke?  <pause … ok, ha ha ha>  Jason Altmire?  Is he for Hillary? 

No one crawled into a gay bar for Obama. 

What's up with that? 

ps:  I don't cover bar crawls because I hate smoke and would be beyond cranky in about 5 minutes.  When the bars go smoke free, I'll be there.