Myron Cope – the Lesbian Connection

Yoi.  Ledcat caught the story on her way out the door this morning.  God rest his soul. 

There's a much loved family connection to Myron Cope.  My great-grandfather, Gil Remley, was the sports editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (and the business manager for the Homestead Grays).  Family lore has that he gave Myron his first job in the print media.  Myron's book “Double Yoi!” tells the story a bit differently, but does include a shout out to Da.

I met Myron at a work dinner speech function thing.  I told him I was Gil Remley's great-granddaughter and he laughed uproariously.  I hoped he would spontaneously offer me Steeler tickets, but alas no. 

I wonder what he would think about my association with John McIntire?

Rest in peace.