WDUQ = Editorial Independence? Are you kidding me?

Does anyone seriously believe that Duquesne University has an iota of credibility with regard to the editorial independence of WDUQ?  Seriously, now?  Anyone?

Scott Hanley thinks reporting on their own capitulation to the big D somehow indicates independence. 

Duquesne University should do what's in the best interest of the public and surrender the license for a public radio station to someone else.  Here's what Lynn Cullen says:

“I've heard from a lot of people like myself who have always supported public radio and who will no longer do so until this is remedied, or until DUQ surrenders the license to some other entity that will deal with it in a more responsible manner,” Cullen said. “I feel sorry for the station. But I can no longer support them.”

Well put. 

ps:  abortion is legal.  pass it on.