Smokes for Chicks … Camel Femmes Up The Joint (so to speak)

Remember waaay last year when I was complaining about plans to hold a breast cancer fundraiser in a hookah bar?  Well, I got some righteous girl flak from the promoter (Girl Weapon X) and her posse who didn't appreciate me questioning their, like, total commitment to preventing cancer.  Scratching your head to remember Girl Weapon X?  Yeah, me too.  Googling her moniker just brings up 14 million MySpace entries.  I just tried it out of curiosity.

Why am I curious?  Well, I caught this little item over at feministing.

Camel is trying to lure more women into smoking by pinkifying the packaging.  WTF?

This is exactly why I was impelled to label Girl Weapon X a quasi-Christian bar wench for her stupidity in celebrating breast cancer awareness in a hookah bar.  She is exactly the reason why Camel thinks this new tact is a good idea. 

Jesus, Mary and Joseph …