Allegheny County Police Continue to Target Gay Men

From Saturday's Post-Gazette comes word that the Allegheny County Police successfully prevented five gay men from having sex.  Or at least they successfully punished five men for having sex by arresting them.  Or somewhere in between.

As we reported last week, these intrepid cops have been monitoring a men's bathroom on Corrigan Drive (the park's main drag – no pun intended) that is listed on an Internet site as a “popular place” for sexual encounters. 

And, of course, it is near a children's playground.  No mention of the fact that most likely the sexual encounters take place after dark when the children are, hopefully, home with their parents pursuing wholesome activities.  If children are lurking on a South Park playground after dark, the Allegheny County Police should probably focus more of the lack of parenting angle than the potential exposure to homosex angle.  But I digress …

So just in time for park season, Allegheny County decides to flex their homophobic muscles to make the parks safe for breeders everywhere. 

I feel better, don't you?