Update on Rich White People, Upper St. Clair and Uncle Eddie

I was wrong!  On Monday, I credited the USC decision to reinstate the International Baccalaureate Program as a sign of hope.  From the PG:

Funding will come from a combination of $45,000 raised by families of the students and $85,000 guaranteed by Gov. Ed Rendell to the district, board members said.

I just shake my head that the state is allocating $85,000 for Upper St. Clair.  Dormont might lose a pool.  My own community of Manchester has not a single organized youth activity.  And schools throughout this region are scraping by. 

I think the IB program is important and kudos to the parents (and the students) for not letting the wingers win.  It is just sad this victory underscores the truth that those who have access get a disproportionate share of resources.  Does that bode well for the lesbians and gays in Pennsylvania?