Gay Marriage is Good Mental Health

Another story from today's Post-Gazette  According to a policy paper from the National Sexuality Resource Center at San Francisco State University,denying us marraige can lead to mental health problems. 

Well, duh!

The stress of being a second class citizen will do that you.  Having to rush to your partner's hospital bedside while realizing you left the power of attorney documents at home and hoping you can get in to see her?  Stressful.  Worrying about dividing up property after one partner dies?  Stressful. 

Being gay is not stressful.  Being in an intimate committed relationship is no more stressful than for heterosexuals.  Being in a committed gay relationship in a society which deems you second class, which denies your most basic civil rights … now that's stressful.

The authors state that the potential harm to gay men and lesbians and their communities is significant enough to call for laws and policies that allow for same-sex marriage in the United States.