Vatican Investigates Sexual Climate at Local Seminaries

From yesterday's Post-Gazette, I discover  that the Vatican has sent teams to determine if American seminaries are providing “proper spiritual, moral and theological training for the priesthood.”

This includes visits to St. Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, SS. Cyril & Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary on the North Side  and St. Paul Seminary in East Carnegie.

Only one of 55 questions deals with homosexuality but that question is one of the 6 mandatory questions.   The Vatican claims this isn't a witch hunt to ferret out the queer priests, but the timing is suspiciously coincidental. 

The Vatican issues a clearly homophobic statement banning priests with “homosexual tendencies” from seminaries and then sends out the minions to ask questions. 

What the heck kind of questions are they asking?  Do the emissaries have to go undercover to explore the steamier side of the seminary?  How exactly does one determine homosexual tendencies from one simple question?  Or measure the depth of those tendencies? 

It is nothing but homo-hate in priestly clothing.  And yet another attempt to distract the American Catholic Church from the sexual abuse perpetrated by their priests and covered up by their bishops.