Transamerica comes to Pittsburgh

This weekend, Transamerica opens in Pittsburgh.  This film, which garnered a Best Actress Golden Globe for Felicity Huffman, focuses on the relationship between a transgender woman (Huffman) and the teenage son she didn't know she fathered. 

It is playing in one (1) theater — the Cinemagic on Forward Avenue in Squirrel Hill. 

(Side note:  Brokeback Mountain is now showing in 11 local theaters.)

The PG gives the movie 2 1/2 stars, taking Huffman's performance seriously but finding weak the credibility of her having been a man.  They also question the director's choice to have a biological-born woman play the role of a biologically-born man transitioning to a woman. 

Is Paris suggesting that only a biological-born male could convincingly play a MtF transexual woman?  Or veering into a homophobic suggestion that only a transexual woman could convincingly play a transexual woman? 

If Huffman isn't convincing, it is due to her acting.  Not her gender identity. 

The Trib's Ed Blank weighs in on this facet of Huffman's performance in his positive review

What's striking is that you can see in the performance the struggle to repress a(n effeminate) male who, as we know, isn't really beneath the makeup.

Hopefully, I can get to the movie this weekend. 




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