Pgh and Gay Movies

Brokeback Mountain came to town two weeks ago and opened in two (2) theatres — Loews at the Waterfront and The Manor in Squirrel Hill.  That's it.

Fast forward and there are homo curious moviegoeers lined up all over this town.  It is playing in NINE theaters.  Hmmm ….

Another point of interest … I have not seen a single Letter to Editor about this movie in any local paper.  Unusual, no?  There's a whole cadre of homohaters who seem to live for penning nasty missives condemning anything gay related to the fiery pit of hell.  But nada on this movie. 

What's that about?

One final very important point — Transamerica opens this weekend here in our fair city.   

Synopsis: A preoperative male-to-female transsexual travels to New York when she discovers she may have fathered a son who is currently in prison. A misunderstanding finds her son believing she is a Christian missionary, and the two travel to Los Angeles together where they begin to build a relationship.

Felicity Huffman took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress for her role in this movie.  The critics love her in this role and I am very excited to see a transsexual character generate so much positive buzz. 

Now we need a mainstream movie where the lesbian is not a murderer or a sidekick.